Aktualnosci 2023.02.08

Polish Esports League presents report for 2022

The Polish Esports League has presented its annual report, a statement summarizing PLE's activities over the past twelve months. 2022 was probably not an easy year for any company, but despite unfavorable circumstances PLE managed to generate good results in terms of products, partners and communication.

The Polish Esports League is one of the first entities in the market, not only in the esports industry, to publish an activity report for 2022. PLE primarily produced games in 7 titles, recording 172 broadcast days. This translated into the production of 277 videos on 17 communication platforms and nearly 18.5 MLN of social media reach.

In terms of products, the Polish Esports League remodeled its flagship project, the PGE Championship Division, expanded its partnership with Riot Games to create the VALORANT ecosystem in Central and Eastern Europe, and launched an innovative nationwide amateur competition, PLE: Next Level. The year 2022 also marked the beginning of cooperation with the Polish Sailing Association, PKN Orlen and Fortuna 1 League, among others.

Not only in terms of products, the Polish Esport League increased the palette of its activities. In 2022, PLE collaborated with 28 clients to create interesting and engaging content. Among other things, it also signed a three-year extension of its cooperation with PGE, with which it creates, among other things, the PGE Super Cup PLE.

"It has been a challenging but productive year for the Polish Esports League. I can firmly state that we have taken not one, but two more big steps forward in the development of esports in Poland. For PLE, 2023 will be a year of further development of the gaming-esports ecosystem already in place, but also of innovative products that we will want to surprise with." says Paweł Kowalczyk, CEO of the Polish Esports League.

The 2022 Polish Esports League Report is available for preview here.

These and other activities described in the report show that the Polish Esport League is developing dynamically. We encourage you to read the report, in which PLE widely communicates the range of activities over the past year.